January’s tricky, weather-wise; it makes us wary

Of ice and snow that turns all roads scary.

We bundle up in tons of clothes

With nothing showing but eyes and nose—

Colds and flu lurk in every breath that freezes

‘Til we’re racked with coughs and chills and lots of sneezes.

A “January thaw” seems quite amiss,

And about as common as a unicorn’s kiss—

And though we must live with all that sleet and ice and snow

And chill and frost and icy winds that blow—

It’s only Winter shaking its fists at the sun

Knowing that its time is short and must be on the run

Before warm Spring comes waltzing along,

Bearing flowers and green grass and sweet birdsong,

It won’t last forever

All this cold and icy weather—

So be of good cheer; warmer days are coming

Even though our hands and feet are quickly numbing!














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