First Date; Never To Late

At lunch the other day, I noticed a man sitting alone at the next table. The server asked him if he was ready to order and he said that he was waiting for someone.

Soon after, a lovely blonde woman with a big smile came up to his table. He rose to take her coat, and they both sat down. I heard them introduce themselves to each other, and realized that I was seeing two people on their first date.

They were both attractive people; probably in their mid-sixties. I heard him ask the woman about her life; she said that her husband had died a long time ago when their children were quite young. She raised them on her own; I can only imagine how hard that must have been.

They went on to talk about their interests and their pets. The woman brightened and talked about her dogs and how much they brought to her life. As I was facing her and not the man, I couldn’t help noticing how animated her face was. The man was nodding appreciatively, and I gave him silent kudos for not hogging the conversation and making it all about him.

It is a wonderful thing to see people like this who will take a leap of faith and put themselves out there in the world. How wonderful that, at any age, we can grow and change and accept new people and interests into our lives.

We all know people who are adventurous and daring, just as we all know people who do not wish to change and stay rooted in the same way of thinking all their lives. There is nothing wrong with either type of person, but I really admire those who will close their eyes and take that leap of faith.

I tried not to keep watching this couple, but from where I sat I could hear their conversation. I wondered if there would be another date, if they had really connected with each other, and did they think that the person across from them might be “the one?”

This was another example of “it’s never too late.” It’s never too late to help someone, start a new interest, take that trip you promised yourself long ago <fill in the blank for whatever part of the world you’d like to visit>, start a cottage business or even fall in love again.

Who knows? There are chances worth taking, and wherever this couple ends up, I hope that they find happiness in themselves and each other.

*Buona fortuna!

*”Good luck” in Italian.

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