“I Wish I Could Fly”

My step-daughter recently told me that she was awakened by her oldest daughter, 5 year old Ava. She could hear her calling, “Mom! I need you!”

Wondering what might be going on; sickness, bad dreams, perhaps an eagle trying to get in the window, she walked into Ava’s bedroom, scooted her over in bed, and lay down beside her. She asked what was wrong. Ava looked at her and said, “I REALLY wish I could fly!”

After choking down her laughter, she hugged her and asked why she wanted to fly. Ava said, “I want to fly waaaaay up in the sky!” Don’t we all.

All our hopes and dreams begin in childhood, promising magical experiences, animals who can talk, special powers, and more. And why not? Isn’t childhood the arena in which we first try out our wings, our unique talents, our insight on the world and our understanding of the people around us?

I remember thinking that my grandmother was very old when I was a child. I realize now that she was about my age at that time. Even as we grow older, we still feel that inside we are young and strong and that anything is possible.

So while I laughed about Ava wanting to fly—I get it. Haven’t we all had dreams where we fly effortlessly wherever we want to go? At those times, we feel that anything is possible; even flight.

I wish I could fly too, Ava.



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