The End of the Year

Well, my friends, 2016 has come to its end,

And we face a brand new year in which to learn and bend

Our old ways into new ones,

Our bad habits into good ones,

And hope that change will stick throughout the new year—

It’s all in our attitude, ability and strength to fight the fear

Of failure or laziness or doubt or worry—

In any case, let’s not be in such a hurry

To change just for change’s sake—

There will be plenty of time to make mistakes

And regret the road not taken or challenges met;

(After all, the new year hasn’t begun quite yet)

The coming new year is yet young and strong

So let’s not worry so much about being wrong—

How about this year we give ourselves free reign

To free ourselves from worry, hurt feelings and bane—

To be who we are and do our best in all things

And see what all this new year brings?




2 thoughts on “The End of the Year

  1. Hume Gile says:

    Amen, Jane

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks, Hume! Happy New Year; it’s going to be great!

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