Ukulele Magic

When my mother died last December 16, I gave up a few interests. All of a sudden, I no longer wanted to make jewelry or play the ukulele; I’d been taking lessons and loved it. I even gave up reading for a while as well. There was no real reason I stopped; I simply lost my joy in doing those things.

But time passed, as it always does. Although I will always miss my mother’s presence in my life, I feel her lately urging me on to reclaim those hobbies I so enjoyed. I am now making jewelry again, and am back to devouring books.

This Christmas, my five year old granddaughter, Ava, got a little ukulele from Santa. For the first time in over a year, I felt I wanted to play again. I tried to remember how to tune a ukulele and couldn’t, and of course all my finger callouses were long gone.

But a tiny flicker of interest started me thinking; maybe Ava and I could learn to play together. When I got home, I blew the dust off my ukulele and tuned it once I remembered how.

I picked up my favorite music and started to play. After a half hour, my fingers were aching, but I was again in love with my ukulele. I played several of my favorites, and began looking up lyrics and chords to take with me when I see Ava again.

Every day since, I’ve been playing. I am going to buy Ava a beginner’s ukulele songbook, and I promised us both that we would play together. A ukulele is a wonderful instrument, and it’s relatively easy to learn how to play it.

My joy in playing has returned full force. I have also been inspired by Grace Vanderwaal, the 12 year old winner of America’s Got Talent. She taught herself to play the ukulele and began writing her own songs. Her unique voice and passion really caught fire, and I am sure that thousands started playing because of her inspiration.

In fact, two of her songs, “I Don’t Know My Name,” and “Light The Sky” are my favorites. Funny how two little girls have inspired me to pick up my own ukulele again. There’s real  magic for you!


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