Christmas Bustle

Now is the time for Christmas bustle,

That makes us run and shop and hustle

Through local shops and stores and malls,

Until every bit of our energy falls

Right down through our feet and socks and shoes—

This time of year can give you the blues!

But wait—let us all just stop and think—

Does little Abby need one more dress of pink?

Does Mom need another set of cooking ware?

Does brother need more socks and underwear?

Does the dog really need another holiday sweater?

Will giving money make everything better?!?

How about we just slow down,

Take time to be thankful, happy and calm

Maybe give each person on our list

Some dear treasure of ours; a new twist!

The things we’ve cherished for many years,

Can go from our hands to theirs without tears—

There’s no rule saying we can’t gift family treasure

To those we love beyond all measure—

Besides, all that giving will give us more space

To clean up the clutter and live with more grace—

This year, let’s let Christmas be a time to pass on

The heirlooms, the linens, the old watch and so on—

Keep the memories, but not the baggage

Let’s let others enjoy all that swage-age!







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