Mom’s One Year Anniversary

Dear Mom,

I am writing this to your beautiful and amazing spirit, knowing that you will hear and feel these words in your heart.

You already know that Dad and I have grown even closer together since you went on before us last December 16, 2015. We have become an unbreakable army of love, strength, joy and remembrance—stronger both together and on our own.

We have come to cherish and appreciate each other more than we could have believed possible. Doug shares in this with us; he always loved you, too. All of your friends are part of the love that has surrounded you for years and still does.

While you are finally free of your poor tired and sick body, your bright spirit is strong and beautiful. I feel your love every second of every day. I speak to you so often, and I know that you are never far from us.

When Dad and I talk about you, I know you hear us. We have laughed and remembered together, and will do this until we too close our eyes for the last time and join you.

Thank you for being my mother. Thank you for marrying Dad and giving me the best father I could have wished for. Thank you for introducing me to all my ancestors through your magnificent genealogy work. Thank you that through you I knew Aunt Ruby, your mother’s sister; and your brothers, Owen, Buddy and Raymond (whom I have called Unkie all my life).

Thank you for being my teacher and friend, mentor and instructor, my point of reference in life, and my North Star.

Thank you with all my heart. I love you forever.




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