Holding the Door Open

My dad and I talk often about being happy and grateful, and how we keep those good feelings alive each day. We agreed that simple acts of kindness can make a huge difference. For example, whenever Dad goes to the post office to pick up his mail, he always holds the door open for the next person.

It’s become a habit that pays off in smiles and thanks, but that’s not why he does it. He does it because it’s a nice thing to do; something that makes both the opener and the ‘openee’ happy.

We talked about how doing simple but nice things uplifts us and those around us. We agree that this enriches our souls and hopefully spreads some kindness into the world.

It’s easy, especially at this time of year, to think that we haven’t done enough for others. We tend to beat ourselves up if we don’t contribute to the local food bank or homeless shelter, drop off some toys for Toys For Tots, and so on.

Of course it’s good to help out where we can. But sometimes we just can’t do it all. Sometimes just wishing others the best is all we can do. Or just opening the door for someone behind us.



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