There’s Always Soup

When things don’t go your way

When every hour feels like a rainy day

When we feel we can’t go on,

Or that we have been so put upon—

There’s always soup.

When we can’t keep a smile on our face

Or feel disconnected to the human race,

When our good feelings seem to desert us

And so many things try to hurt us—

Well, there’s always soup.

Soup becomes the tie that binds,

And warms our innards and our minds.

Soup can comfort and heal us,

Soup will never hurt or deceive us—

Yup—there’s always soup.

When it feels like there’s no happy face to see,

When it seems as though no feels as down as we,

When the sun turns its face away

And keeps it hidden for another day,

Just remember—there’s always soup.




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