Change Begins With Us

This blog has never been a forum for politics, and it won’t be today. I only want us to remember that change ultimately begins with us. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and what I think may be wrong or right may not work for you. But that’s what freedom means; we have the right to our own opinions and beliefs.

In America, we have rights that not every country enjoys, and these rights didn’t come without a huge price. I may not agree with you about something, and you may not agree with me, but hopefully we can allow each other our separate opinions. We can certainly agree to disagree.

That said, real change begins with us; all of us. For example, we all may not agree on our new President Elect, but again—in America we don’t all have to agree. As one newscaster remarked this morning, “if you truly believe in the Democratic process of our country, then you can’t get upset about not getting your own way.” That’s how the process works; in one electoral year your horse may come in first. In another such year, mine may win.

We can look at this new development as an opportunity to embrace change and work with it. We can also continue to dislike and not support the change. We can try to find peace with the change, or we can work to make the change more palatable for us. Again, we are fortunate enough to live in a country that gives all citizens rights that many countries will never have.

My hope and prayer for us all today is that we can keep remembering who we are, and what we have as American citizens. Change happens, and will keep on happening. The test of it is how we choose to deal with it, and ultimately, make our own peace with it.


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