Voting Day

Well, here we are again—ready to elect a new president. It’s never an easy process, and I’m sure that everyone is as tired as I am about all the mud-slinging, political ads, phone calls from all over the country, and mailboxes stuffed with political flyers. The media goes wild, and predictably, we all become so weary of it that we all just want to get it over with.

That said, voting is a singular right we Americans have, thanks to the sacrifice of many. I often wonder what our founding fathers would say if they could see us now. Would they be glad or appalled?

Just recently, I went through my dad’s tattered *books containing the histories of WWI and WWII. My grandfather fought in WWI, and my dad in WWII. The old pictures in these books jump out at me, and I wonder about how the lives of all those young boys turned out. How many of them were lost before they had the chance to really live? How many were wounded so badly that it affected the rest of their lives? How many lived to have families?

When the war in Vietnam was going on, I was in college. I was in the Admin building when the loudspeaker came on to inform us of the results of the draft lottery. I saw the faces of the young men who were called out; it was as if all the color and life drained from them at that moment. Selfishly I was glad to be female, knowing that I wouldn’t have to fight in a war.

We are lucky to live in America, and lucky to have the freedoms and privileges we have. On a day like today, where we have the privilege to vote for our president, this is a day to remember how we got here and all those who fought to preserve our freedom.

Things may have changed dramatically since all these young and strong men and women went to war, but the essential truths are still as important as ever. Our freedom to vote and all our other freedoms did not come cheaply. There may be a whole lot wrong with America, but thankfully, there is also a whole lot right with America too.

No matter how tired we are of all the political rhetoric, it’s time to step up and vote today. As we used to say, ‘if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.’ Let’s not waste this freedom.

See you at the voting booths!

*”The 401st Telegraph Battalion in the World War, 1917 – 1918,” “T.A.D. R-78 Completion Report, Company “C” 843 Engr. Av. BN./IX. E. C., 1945,” and “843rd. Engineer Aviation Battalion.”

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