Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

I am pretty much a goody-two-shoes when it comes to signs; I obey them all. If a sign reads, ‘Don’t Park Here,” then I don’t park there. If there is a “STOP” sign in the middle of a parking lot, I stop. I am so used to doing it that I don’t even give it much thought.

However, the Crankee Yankee thinks differently about them. For one thing, he claims that ‘there are no driving rules in parking lots.’ Huh?! Which is probably why the following happened:

The other day we went to a Chinese restaurant we hadn’t tried before. There wasn’t a single car in the parking lot, so we parked close to the door—right under a “Take Out Only” sign. I pointed this out, and he said, “There’s no one in the parking lot; it doesn’t matter.” And refused to move the car.

The weird way my mind works is this way: all of a sudden there will be a great stampede to this very restaurant, including a couple of people who are picking up a huge amount of take-out food. Then it will soon be revealed that us, Mr. and Mrs. SelfishJerks, have parked where no none-take-out people should park and we will be forced to flee the restaurant while villagers with pitchforks and flaming torches chase us out of the restaurant……

Well, I could be carrying this a tad too far, but honestly, I was  constantly looking out of the window to be sure that a crowd wasn’t gathering….



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