Political Poetry

A is for Awful—

For all the mud-slinging and complaining

That make my ears both burn and ring.

B is for Bragging—

From both parties boasting

They all should be in hell roasting.

C is for the Candidates—

Who lie over and over and over again

And look upon all of us with undisguised disdain.

D is for the Democracy—

We used to know and love

Seems to have left our thinking like a bolt from above.

E is for Equal—

Which we used to count on in years past

Has left our vocabulary with all this bombast.

F is for Flim-Flam—

Like those liars who blab on about equality

And how they’ll make everything right, except their own frivolity.

G is for the Government—

Which seems to have closed its ears and eyes

To these wolves in sheeps’ guise.

H is for Hatred—

For you and for me

And all of us who don’t grow money on trees.

I is for Intellect—

Which appears to have left the political scene

Instead social media has become as mean as your average teen.

J is for all the Jerks—

Who feel that the laws apply to all but them

And keep adding to the country-wide mayhem.

K is for Kick-back—

Who knows how much of our bucks

Has all gone for political nips and tucks?

L is for the Liars and thieves—

Who encourage us to keep our heads in the sand

While they swiftly pick our pockets with both hands.

M is for Money—

That greases the machine

That keeps us mired up in the same old regime.

N is for News hawks—

Who fill our ears and our minds

With about as much content as a bag of pork rinds.

O is for Oligarchy—

Meaning all good things for the few

And crumbs for the rest of us all to chew.

P is for Politics—

Where one hand pats your back

And the other hand is a kleptomaniac.

Q is for Question—

Of which we ought to do more

To hear and to find out what we’re all in for.

R is for Rip-off—

From our wallets and banks

With never so much as a murmured ‘thanks.’

S is for Sneaks—

Those who practice all but the rules

And treat us all like broken tools.

T is for Truth—

Which now seems to be in short supply

Just watch the news and you’ll know why.

U is for United—

As a country we once stood

Now it’s hard to find peace in our own neighborhood.

V is for Volunteer work—

Which used to be given much more than today

Now fewer people are giving their time away.

W is for Who, What, When and Why—

We haven’t heard these fairly in I don’t know when

But it won’t be long before they herd us in pens.

X is for X-ray—

And don’t we wish we could see one

For the brains of every politico, sycophant, liar and bum.

Y is for Yappers—

Who about the candidates have too much to say

And who really needs to hear them anyway?

Z is for Zenophobe

A stranger in a strange land once said,

“I thought I found refuge, but instead found dread.”

























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