One Smooth Stone

Just recently, I found a beach stone of Mom’s I hadn’t seen before. It is beautifully worn, about an inch and a half long, and is gray with two bands of black.

It has been handled so much that it is silky and smooth. We always liked finding beach glass and unique stones at the ocean; who doesn’t love finding such treasure?

It showed up some time after Mom’s funeral, and I’ve kept it close ever since. I like to think that it still has some of Mom’s presence within it.

Who knows from what part of the world it came, and why it came to our family. As artists give something of themselves to whatever they make; a glass vase, a necklace, a ceramic bowl, a knitted scarf, etc., it is part and parcel of that artist, and there remains a spark of magic within it.

Whenever I make jewelry for someone, I think of that person while I am making it; who they are and what mean to me. I think of that person, and soon the right colors and design comes to me.

The final product represents my appreciation and love for that person. Often the colors will come to me as clearly as a spoken word.

As for that smooth stone of Mom’s, I believe it was meant for her, then me. I like its smooth and silky texture, and the way it fits my hand. It’s funny what we treasure, and how that treasure seems to come right to us, isn’t it?

Last April, I went to a retreat on Drake’s Island, ME. It was a wonderful and healing two days, and walking on the beach with the warm sun and cool breeze at my back was a true gift. As always, I looked for sea glass and any other gifts from the sea.

I happened to pick up a rectangular stone with a curious design on one side that looked exactly like a sunbeam penetrating a low cloud straight through to the sea. The meaning was immediately clear to me; the sun always breaks through the clouds.

It had been four months prior that my mom had died, and I felt as if that stone was a comforting message to let me know that everything was all right. I later showed the stone to my dad, and he agreed.

Little love notes like this are proof that we are not forgotten, nor are we ever left alone; even when family and friends go on before us. Whatever you want to call it; the universe, the divine, God, angels, whatever—the messages to us are unmistakable and clear: we are loved and cared for all during our earth lives and beyond.

Even if the message is simply one smooth stone.



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