The Requirement of Retirement

The requirement of retirement

Only means doing all the stuff you meant

To do years ago, but there wasn’t enough time.

Oh, time to work and to clean and even have a gin and lime,

But outside of that

And feeding the cat

There is precious little time to just BE.

But retirement comes, and you finally see

That there is no have-to or must-do—

And no one to fuss you.

You can do as you please,

You can yell, yawn or sneeze—

It’s your time and you get to call all the shots,

Pull out all the stops

Be glad for each day—

You can have things your way,

Now that time is your own

You can even ignore your phone.

Take a day off to read and to rest

Or simply do whatever it is you like best.

This time is now yours, so spend it both well and wise;

And do it soon before too much time flies!






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