Who Ya Gonna Call?

I know the kind of things that will bother me greatly if I pay attention to them. Frankly, the list is too long to enter here, but some of the highlights are these:

  • Anything to do with the death or harm to my loved ones
  • Anything to do with animal abuse, especially cats
  • Anything to do with deep water
  • Anything to do with ship and plane wrecks on the bottom of the ocean
  • Anything to do with poisonous bugs, especially spiders
  • Anything to do with break-ins or home invasions
  • Anything to do with terrorism

While I like to be informed, I do not like putting myself through the agony of reading about or seeing things that I know will bother me. (Example: when the movie “Titanic” came out, I watched it with my hands up and ready to cover my eyes so that I would not see that horrific wreck. And no, closing my eyes was NOT enough.)

While I am pretty careful to steer clear of bothersome things, sometimes I get surprised—and not in the good way. I’ll be watching the news along with the Crankee Yankee, when suddenly there will be a close-up of; you guessed it—a wreck under water! Sheesh. I wish they would preface a sight like that with a disclaimer; ‘the following may upset some viewers.’

Being surprised is one thing; you don’t have much say over that. But when I KNOW that I am going to see or hear anything that I know will upset me, I leave the room. If I don’t, I can be sure of a sleepless night.

The sane half of my brain knows better than to be upset; in fact, I can just about hear it saying, ‘oh, c’mon now; you knew you will be up all night with this, so don’t watch/see/read it.’ But the less-sane half of my brain says, ‘oh, but what if this, or that or the other thing DOES happen?!’

So once I’m awake and stewing, this is what I do: I call on good old Archangel Michael for help. Michael is the most powerful of all angels; the go-to guy for immediate help, the one you can count on to get things done and fast. He is the one I call on when my thoughts spin out of my control and none of my usual methods work.

So how do you call on an angel, you may ask? Easy-peasey, lemon-squeezy. Just ask out loud: “Archangel Michael, please get rid of these worrisome, bothersome, hurtful thoughts in my head; I can’t do by myself. Please help.”

Here’s what happens: whether or not you believe in angels, once you’ve asked aloud for help, you will feel better. Even the sarcastic, scoffing part of your ego (you know, the part of your mind that always thinks it knows better than your gut instinct or your heart?) will be positively affected by your asking for help. Remember, action is always followed by energy, and by calling for help, help will come.

Asking aloud for help is very much like the Worry Box or God Box (please refer to my December 2015 post, “Worry Box” for more information); you can write down the things you worry about and put them in an actual box you have designated as the “Worry Box” or the “God Box.” Anytime you get worried or stressed out over something, you can remember that you already put that worry into your Worry Box, so you no longer need to stress about it. All things in the Worry Box are being handled.

As you are just as important, as valuable and as loved as any human on Earth, you are just as worthy to ask Archangel Michael for his help. Give it a try; what have you got to lose? He’s is always available, 24/7, 365 days a year.




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