Gifts We Are Given

We come into this world with gifts to give. Sometimes we are so used to them that we discount them as common or something anyone could do. That isn’t necessarily so, however. What you might take for granted may be absolutely amazing to others.

Say that you have a talent for teaching; you find it easy to make complicated theories and processes simple to understand. Since you have always been able to do this, you tend to devalue it as it comes easily for you. But think of all the people to whom this gift unlocks doors of understanding; your teaching makes it easy for them to learn. Moreover, it gives others confidence that they may not have found without you.

Say that you have a great curiosity about technology and how things work. For those of us who are much too impatient to put in the study (and the interest) that you do, you become a guru for the rest of us.

Say that you have a listening ear and an open heart. How many lives can you nourish and encourage with those gifts?

Sadly, many of us doubt or even fear our gifts and choose not to share or even acknowledge them. How much poorer the world would be without those gifts! It is a fact that our egos tend to discount our gifts. The ego always seems to argue with the heart, as if to say, ‘oh, what do you know? You just feel things. I am so much smarter than that!’

Sometimes the heart really does know better, and your heart is where you will find most of your gifts. I have a friend who denied for years that she could hear messages from angels. She kept saying to herself that she was just being silly or seeking attention, or worse; mentally imbalanced.

However, she came to a peaceful understanding with herself that she did indeed get messages from angels. In fact, when she was in the company of some people, she knew right away that this or that person badly needed to hear the message from his or her personal angel.

So how do you know what gifts you have? You will find that you are attracted to certain interests, hobbies, activities, and so on. You may find yourself looking for more information about things that interest you. You may even seek out a teacher who can help you nourish and grow those interests. As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

I know this is true for me; I doubted my gifts for years. I felt that I was just trying to show off; trying to be something I wasn’t—especially while I was in school. Back then, ‘showing off’ was about the worst crime you could commit. It opened you up to endless teasing and being called a ‘know-it-all.’

It took years for me to connect with the right teachers to help me believe in and work with my gifts. Once that happened, I was off and running! It felt wonderful to finally believe in myself. It took more years for me to be able to speak and write about my own gifts with sincerity and humility.

Our gifts are meant to be shared. There is always someone who needs to hear of our gifts and be inspired by them. What you may discount as being superficial or unimportant may be a breakthrough or an epiphany to others.

Believe in your gifts and talents. Believe that you have something to share. But most of all, believe in yourself and your capacity to contribute to this world.

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