The Smartest Thing I Ever Did

I swear, the smartest thing I ever did

Was to listen to my parents as a kid.

I didn’t always agree

About the rules they set for me—-

But deep down I felt relief

That I didn’t have to make all the decisions, or suffer grief;

When I got out of line

Or wanted to fuss and whine—

The pain of making a mistake was not as bad

As it could have been, but for my mom and dad;

House rules and consistency matter;

Not so much for parents who want to natter

On about how they are ‘best friends’ with their child

And then the child turns out to be remote and wild.

Of course parents want their child to find their own way,

But the good ones keep a sharp eye out and stay

Close, but not too close—

Reachable, but not verbose—

Teachers, mentors, reachable angels, they are

And what they taught became my true North star—

As bright and true as ever was

I thank my parents forever, because

They were and are my map for living

Loving, kind, truthful, faithful, and forgiving.




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