Send Love, Not Worry

Our second granddaughter, Juliette (whom we now all call “Juju B”), was born in April with some pretty serious lung and heart issues. She spent the first three weeks of her life in the NICU, along with her mother and big sister, Ava. We worried about Juju B night and day, and also worried about the rest of the family.

Each morning one of my go-to readings is always a random chapter from Tosha Silver’s wonderful book, “Outrageous Openness.” I opened the book, and it opened on a chapter called “Objects in Mirror are Closer Than They Appear” that addressed well-intentioned worry:

“…if you care about someone, worry is the worst energy you can send. It directly transmits fear and restriction, since we usually visualize all the darkest possible outcomes. So even if it’s well-intended, worry blankets the poor recipient’s energy field in a negative vibe. Imagine a black Express Mail envelope marked “Thinking of You” filled with muck, mildew, and a few skull bones. THAT’S worry.”

I realized that all my worrying might even make our Juju B worse, so I began imagining her being completely healthy, strong, and in her own home. I saw her breathing well on her own, with healthy lungs and a healthy, strong heart.

In my mind, I sent her angels of love and healing, and placed them all around her. I actively sent her healing Reiki, as well as prayers for her good health. I widened my focus to her whole family, that everyone was healthy and strong, and in my mind I pictured a healthy Juju B breathing on her own.

The day came when Juju B finally went home, still on oxygen. Immediately she began breathing better and seemed to be calm and happy. During that first week home, as her mother was feeding her,  Juju B looked up at her, and reached up and pulled the oxygen cannula right out of her nose! It was just as if she said, “Mom, I’m home, and I’m done with being sick.”

At the next pediatrician visit, she was pronounced healthy and strong. She now sleeps 6-7 hours at a stretch, she only cries when she’s wet or hungry, and she has the sweetest attitude about everything around her. This kid radiates love, contentment, joy and perfect health. In every picture we have of her, she looks positively tickled with everyone and everything around her. Big sister Ava (age 5) adores her, and talks with her all the time.

This was another lesson for me to remember: where good intention goes, energy follows. Fortunately, I was not the only one sending our Juju B positive thoughts. I called on my entire metaphysical circle of friends, and they all came together to send love, health, happiness and positive energy.

You don’t have to be a psychic or Reiki master or angel on earth to do this; you can do this any time you like, and focus on any person(s) you like. Any time you send a good intention to someone, they will feel that good energy in some way. In some part of their minds and souls, they feel that surf of love and compassion wash over them.

By the way, you can also do this for yourself. You can send yourself love notes of love, kindness, comfort and health any time you like. You can say out loud to yourself, “I am happy, healthy, strong and I feel great.”

Or if you are feeling nervous about something that you have to do that day, just say, “Everything today is going to go GREAT.” Keep on saying it and your day will be better because you are giving yourself the gift of good intentions.

Look, if it worked for a baby, it can certainly work for all of us—just ask Juju B.


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