Give, Get, Give

I mentioned before how speaking and thinking positively makes a difference; the more positive you are, the more positive things come your way. It’s exactly the same with negative thinking; if you get up, look out the window and say, “It’s going to be an awful day,” I’ll guarantee that you will have an awful day.

When I learned to speak “as if,” it made all the difference. If I was down to my last dollar, I’d say to myself, “that’s ok; there’ll be more money soon.” And behold and lo, there always was. I’m not saying I tripped over a stack of hundred dollars bills, just a bit of cash here and there when I needed it.

The times when I would wake up in a bad mood, I learned to clean out my brain and change my attitude by saying something like, ‘today is going to be GREAT.’ I would repeat it over and over again (by the way, experts in this field say that repeating the same phrase at least 13 times ‘cements’ it into your brain), and before long, I felt a lot better.

Anyone who has known me for a long time knows how cranky, crabby, spiteful, selfish, and passive-aggressive I was in the past (and still fight it from time to time), so it’s taken time to turn that around. Life is so much easier now with a better attitude.

If I have learned anything at all, it’s that change can show up out of left field. You don’t see it coming, but sure enough, it zeroes right in on you. Case in point: the Crankee Yankee has had his beloved old red 1993 Toyota T-100 sitting in the driveway with a For Sale sign on it. He had a lot of lookers, but no takers.

Last fall as my mother went into home Hospice, she and my dad gave me their wonderful KIA Rondo as they didn’t need two cars. It was such a welcome gift; our old car was on its last legs, and a neighbor bought it right after we got the KIA.

For the last year or so, a dear friend of ours, Ed, a widower and fellow model railroad enthusiast, became ill and needed several trips to Mass General Hospital in Boston. The Crankee Yankee drove him there and back many times, visited him often, and kept his spirits up. Ed had lost his wife a year or so ago, and wanted to sell his second vehicle, a Chevy truck. He and the Crankee Yankee had agreed on a very fair price, but as luck would have it, we had some expenses come up. So the deal was on hold indefinitely.

One day completely out of the blue, Ed insisted that he turn the truck title over to the Crankee Yankee. The agreement was ‘pay me or don’t pay me; I just want you to have the truck.’ So, again—a wonderful vehicle appeared when needed.

Back to the Crankee Yankee trying to sell his old T-100. He surprised the life out of me when he said, “You know, we have been gifted with two great vehicles. I’m not going to sell the T-100; I’m going to give it away. You never know, some kid might be able to fix it and use it and then he’ll have a vehicle.”

I was so proud of him I had to hold back tears. He was right; we were given much, and it was time to give back. Then, on the same day, a young guy showed up in the driveway, asking about the three windows we had for sale (the Crankee Yankee is slowly but surely replacing our downstairs windows). He bought them all for $200, which came in just when we needed it!

Coincidence? Nope, not at all.


One thought on “Give, Get, Give

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    This is inspiring, my friend!

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