The Antidote is Gratitude

I write a lot about gratitude because the longer I live, the more grateful I am—-for all things. Of course there are things in my life I’m not wild about, but the good and wonderful things far outweigh them.

Good Things:

  • Although I lost my mom last December, I still have my wonderful dad
  • I have a loving and kind husband who can fix and build anything (and who is nice to animals)
  • I have two amazing granddaughters who, for some reason, think I’m wonderful
  • I have four healthy, happy and silly cats in my life
  • I have a close circle of dear friends
  • I live in a free country, thanks to the sacrifice of many
  • I have love and kindness in my life
  • I now have Medicare, the first insurance I’ve had in three years
  • I am inspired to make jewelry again. After Mom’s death, I couldn’t–but I can now
  • I have a roof over my head
  • I have electricity
  • I have air conditioning
  • I have clothes to wear
  • I have food and water
  • I have been given the talents of reading and writing
  • I have a good-running vehicle to get around in

Not So Good Things:

  • My right knee is worn out and hurts all the time, BUT I am able to get a knee replacement
  • I have osteo arthritis in my hips, BUT if necessary, I can get those replaced, too

It would be too easy to take the good things for granted; I can’t. I know that at any time all these things can be taken from me, but that’s not the point. The point is that I am living in gratitude and literally counting my blessings every day. I know that there are so many in the world who can’t count on food or water every day, who don’t have a safe roof over their heads, who live in subjugation and can’t do or say what they want to, who are in poverty, sorrow, sickness, loneliness, or fear. I wish I had the power to make everything better for everyone.

But since I can’t do that, I am repeating thanks every day. My prayers and hopes for those in want go out daily, and when I can give, I do. I can’t let all that is bad in the world discolor my own world. I think that, the more we hear bad news, the more angst and fear we take into our own lives. It’s just as bad as inhaling toxic fumes every day. It doesn’t help anyone, and will eventually make you so sick that you can’t do anything.

My belief is that we need to stay positive, keep remembering all that is good in our lives, and attempt to live in gratitude and hope. It doesn’t mean we are selfish and self-serving, it means we are saving our sanity in order to be able to give, and help when and where we can. It means that we keep our minds and hearts clear, therefore more willing to come up with ways to help.

Gratitude is the antidote to all that is bad in the world. I’ve said this before, but action follows energy. Put good energy out into the world, good energy comes back. Maybe we get to feeling so grateful that we can take a look at our lives and decide that we have room to take on a neighborhood project to help clean up an area of town. Maybe we can go through our things and donate what we can. Maybe we can make time to do some part-time teaching. Maybe we can visit a lonely neighbor now and then.

Maybe we can just make room in our lives to say ‘thank you’ more often.



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