Our Share of Faith and Abundance

No, I don’t mean necessarily faith in God or whatever deity you choose; I mean faith that the right things will happen at the right time. This might not be our preference; generally we want what we want, and we want it NOW. I have always tended to get panicked over things I can’t control, but over the years I have learned that this doesn’t make things happen any faster. In fact, panicking can slow everything down to a crawl.

I could name many instances in my life where I have hobbled myself with worry and things turned out fine. I cringe when I think of how much time I wasted in my life so far in worrying and fretting; it does nothing but make you feel terrible.

So, here’s what I’ve learned—the hard way—have some faith that things are working as they should. For me, nothing is scarier than running out of money. Or, shall I say, I used to be scared of running out of money; now I am not. Why? Because I know that the right things will happen at the right time, including having money.

Oh, I don’t mean that money falls from the sky like rain; I mean that doing the right things, staying positive and refusing to worry does bring abundance. It may not come exactly when you want it, but it does come.

Here’s how it works: believe in the best outcome, and it will happen. Believe in the worst outcome; that, too, will happen. Why? Because where thoughts and intent (and worry) goes, energy follows. Energy is a real, proven and present force in and around us, and we are affected by it either negatively or positively.

Here’s my favorite bit from “Outrageous Openness,” by the wonderful Tosha Silver (do yourself a huge favor and buy yourself a copy!):

“So, give some things away.

Pay for some friends’ meals.

Do whatever it takes to feel prosperous

despite current appearances.

And never, ever say you’re broke.

If you dwell in the vibration of fear, doubt, and constriction

that you will undoubtedly attract.

If you insist you never have enough,

the world will heartily agree.

But if you let yourself be

what you think you need,

one way or another,

it will come.”

(I caution you to remember to “never, ever say you’re broke,” too!)

The Universe, God, the Divine, whatever you call may wish to call it, is on all our sides. It wants us to be happy, to be joyous, to be fulfilled, to have everything we need. Picture whatever deity you like holding an enormous laundry basket full of abundance, and plenty of it for us all. As he/she walks along with us or above us, little bits of abundance fall out of the basket and onto us.

These are little ‘gifts’ that come out of seemingly nowhere. That’s why you find a five dollar bill, meet the right person, see that the fabulous teal shoes you crave are now priced at 50% off, find that lost earring you thought was gone forever, etc.—all part of your share of abundance.

But when you ask for abundance, or, better yet—say out loud that you are thankful for the abundance you haven’t even received yet, well—then he/she is tickled to pieces to throw as much of it as possible your way.

Whatever your personal beliefs are, here are mine: we don’t walk alone in this world. We are surrounded by divine love, angels; some who have been with us since before we were born—the spirits of those who have passed on before us and who lovingly and happily help us on our path through our time on Earth. All those loving and benign spirits want us to be happy.

Let’s just talk about lack of anything; time, money, love, friendship, a job, etc. Believe it—everything you want is within your grasp; simply act “as if.” This means if you’re stressed-out crazy busy, keep thinking, ‘I have plenty of time.’ If you’re down to your last dime, keep thinking, ‘I have lots of money.’ If you want to meet the love of your life, keep saying, ‘the right person will appear at the right time.’

These suggestions are to keep you positive and open to what you want—and, best of all, takes your mind away from worry. Certainly we have to work for what we want, not wait for it to drop in our laps. But being positive and relaxed and projecting what you want is the first step. The truest statement I ever heard was ‘you never know what’s around the next corner.’

Can we not believe that there is something good around that corner for us all?




2 thoughts on “Our Share of Faith and Abundance

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I love your image of being ‘hobbled by worry’–that is so apt. And I’m going to find Outrageous Openness!

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks much, Pam! You will LOVE “Outrageous Openness!” It’s a hoot, and has great humor and wisdom. 🙂

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