Ears and Noses Keep on Growing!

I recently heard that ears and noses continue to grow

Long after we got used to the ones we already have; oh, no!

Why they should keep on growing, all those ears and noses,

Is just another Divine joke, I supposes—

Of all the things that we do not need

Are more extremities that grow like weeds—

Really—bigger noses and bigger ears?

What’s next for us all; bigger rears??

Isn’t it enough that all our bits are rapidly sagging;

Necks and bellies and thighs all dragging–

Good grief, can we at least keep our noses and ears in original size

That is to say, the way we always prized

Them—all in proportion, nice and neat,

All matched up, from head to feet.

But no, our ears and noses just keep on swelling

(Ironically, ears hearing less and noses not smelling)

A joke of Divine proportion, no doubt—

And no way, apparently, for us to opt out!

So let the chips fall where they may,

Ears and noses in disproportionate array—

Perhaps I’ll start the fashion of wearing veils

To cover up my ears’ and nose’s new travails!








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