Fireflies on a Summer Night

Fireflies carry their fireworks with them

Like stars who’ve twirled off course, and then

Winked out of sight

Like a grande dame gracefully saying ‘goodnight.’

They light up the lilies and blink messages each to each—

So their conversations never stray out of reach.

Their flickering lights weave magic in the dark yard,

Tiny wizards with built-in wands and great regard

For making magical mayhem in the warm dark—

Where angels walk and usher in the great matriarch,

Sweet Night; who steps lightly on the breath of the prior day,

Tossing good thoughts and happiness all along her way—

To all who smile in sleep and dream

Of love, laughter, joy and strawberry ice cream—

And of many, many nights like this

Where angel wings brush our lips like a kiss,

Where fireflies twinkle and dance on the soft warm air—-

And where hearts are lit from within and share

The magic of moonlight and fireflies shining brightly,

And rest on the orange and yellow lilies ever so lightly—

We wonder in the morning, ‘did I dream all of this?’

Not at all—just the mystery and magic of the past night’s bliss!







2 thoughts on “Fireflies on a Summer Night

  1. Diane Kirkup says:

    A wonderful magical poem – thanks Jane

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks, Diane!

    Stay cooooooool today!

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