On this Fathers’ Day, I am aware of all the things that fathers are: nurturer, leader, ally, guardian, advisor, teacher, as well as a safety net and someone you can trust and love with all your heart.

A father is not just a good man, but a good example. A father’s lessons of life stay with you always. Even a child understands that a father not only keeps you safe, but is someone in whose footsteps you can follow with confidence.

When he and my mother were dating, I sort of fell in love with him right along with Mom. I can even remember some of our outings together; always picnics or walks. I remember picking buttercups with him, which have become “our” flower over the years.

I also remember the acts of kindness; Mom was newly divorced and on her own, and money must have been terribly tight. Dad showed up one day with a couple of big bags of groceries he bought for us. Even at age of four I knew that I could trust him, rely on him, and I knew that he would love and care for us both forever.

I stood with him and my mother when they were married in 1955 in my dad’s parents’ front parlor. Right afterwards, Dad adopted me, gave me his name and my grandparents.

When we became a family, there was a beautiful completeness to it—it all felt right. It was as if we were all part of a wonderful machine whose cogs had all slipped into the right positions to work perfectly.

My dad was and is a wonderful father to me. We have been through everything together, including my mom’s death last December. They had been married for 60 years. Together we remember her, talk about her, miss her, and share years and years of wonderful memories.

I am lucky to have my dad, who, at age 91 is healthy, vital, engaged in the world, is open to new ideas, and furthers his knowledge each day.

I am also lucky to be married to good man (the Crankee Yankee), who is also a good father to my amazing step-daughter and a wonderful grandfather to our two beautiful and wonderful granddaughters.

Good fathers are gifts not only to we who have them, but to the world as well. Their example, help and wisdom buoys us up as we grow up, and stays with us as we grow older. We are better people thanks to our dads.

To all the wonderful fathers, past and present, in the world, especially my dad—happy Fathers’ Day. May you also know how loved and appreciated you are.



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