It’s OK; You’re Allowed…..

A word about labels and tags on clothing, bedding and pillows: once you buy clothing, bedding, pillows, etc., YOU are now the owner of these things. You are now allowed to pull off, rip off, cut off and utterly destroy all the tags and labels. Despite the scary message on pillow tags, once you pay for them and bring them home, they are YOURS.

Despite what you may have heard, the bed clothes police will not come after you once you snip off the bedding labels. Neither will the pillow police show up when you likewise remove their tags. Nor will the clothing designers send you nasty posts regarding altering their clothes–they are YOUR clothes now!

Speaking of clothes, just say you treat yourself to a gorgeous silky scarf printed with peonies; you love it, and you know you can wear it with many things. However, nothing ruins a pretty scarf more than having the tag still on it. I have seen more people wearing scarves with the tag (this is the maker’s cloth tag, not the sales tag) still flapping in the breeze.

There are only a few threads keeping it on; just pick up the manicure scissors and snip the threads already. I guarantee that the scarf will not unravel, nor will the designer of that scarf come after you for defacing their work. Again–YOU bought it, YOU own it.

Same with those incredibly itchy tags in clothing, usually right at the back of your neck. Snip them! And by the way, huge kudos to those manufacturers who no longer sew on those itchy tags;the information you need is now printed.

Here’s another issue: when you buy clothing, no one says you have to wear it “as is.” What do I mean by that? Say you bought a great-looking top; you try it on and it’s too long for you. Well, no one said you have to wear it that way.

Speaking just for me, I always tailor my own tops so that they hang mid-hip. This is the length that works well for me; I’m sure you know what works for you.

If you don’t sew (and FYI, most of these minor adjustments can be stitched by hand), go to a tailor; it’s worth it. You will look great; you now have a top that’s fitted just for YOU. Remember that clothing that fits YOU well not only makes you look terrific, but it also makes you feel confident.

Now—go remove your tags, all of them. It’s ok; you’re allowed. I give you full permission to do so. Likewise alter your new clothing; you paid for them, you deserve to look wonderful in them.

You’re welcome.



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