A Chilly Day in June

A chilly day in June, you say—

“Never happen!” “Not possible!” “No way!”

But yesterday was windy and cold,

But still I went walking, brave and bold

Down to the pond, as blue as the sky

While pine spills and leaf bits littered my eye—

It felt like March all over again, fie!

What’s to do about a cold windy June?

Nothing, I say, except howl at the moon

For all the good it does on what should be hot days

For us to enjoy all our outings and forays—

But that’s good old New England, I guess—

Instead of heat in summer, you get a big mess

Of rain and wind and sleet and such–

It wouldn’t be bad if there wasn’t so much

Of this same stuff in winter—who needs it now?

Just when we stowed away boots and the plow,

We find ourselves reaching for a scarf and a coat—

Instead of sunning ourselves in the lake on a float!

Oh, go away wind and go away chill

It’s time for lemonade and ‘dogs on the grill!

Cold, you may leave now; take all your huff and your puff

We’d all like to move on and do summer stuff!








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