In the Name of Love

In the name of love, we speak our heart first—

As though our words will simply burst

Out in tones so loud

That they will reach a waiting crowd

Of angels in Heaven who smile upon hearing

The truth of love endearing,

To so many who have been loved in life

And now love back in joy, not strife—

They and we know love goes on far

Beyond the moon and the farthest star,

It stretches itself to surround us

With hope and joy and happiness boundless—

In the name of love, we stake our claim

To the love that is rightly ours by name—

Love that’s hard as diamonds, yet soft as a kiss

Of the one whose lips we dearly miss—

But they are close, those loves of ours,

And when they wink to us from all the stars

We have our answer, in joy and peace—

That love encircles our hearts; sweet release—

We know we are loved beyond all time and space

And when we meet again, hand-in-hand, in Heaven’s grace,

In love forever, below and above—

All things possible in the name of love!


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