Jeopardy at Our House

By “jeopardy,” I mean the television show, “Jeopardy,” hosted by Alex Trebeck. This was my mom’s favorite show, and she claimed that all the cats she ever had enjoyed it, too. The Crankee Yankee and I began to watch it on a regular basis and soon found we were acting as if we were actually ON the show–that is, when we had the correct answers. We haven’t gotten to the point where someone keeps score, but I can see that happening sooner or later.

Like many others, we speculate on how well we would do on the show ourselves. Of course, that’s pretty easy to say when you are sitting in your own comfortable chair in your own living room. But I imagine that just being on the show would be quite intimidating. For instance, I couldn’t say “Sh*t!” when I gave the incorrect answer. Nor could I say, “you IDIOT! How do you NOT know that?”

But it’s fun playing along while sitting in our armchairs. We encourage (or scoff at) each other; when one of us scores, the other one says politely, ‘good one;’ when we goof up, there is a withering look and a scoffing ‘tsk-tsk.’ As if we were on the show, making no mistakes at all.

So, there we are, just about every evening at 7:30 pm, watching Jeopardy, and hoping that the categories are ones in which we can shine. For the Crankee Yankee, good categories are the following:

  • countries, states, rivers, lakes
  • presidents and all thing governmental
  • treaties and laws
  • bridges, roads, highways
  • engineering
  • gardening
  • names and dates
  • the military
  • tools
  • history
  • carpentry
  • the stock market

Good categories for me are the following:

  • books and authors
  • quotes
  • grammar
  • actors
  • plays
  • Shakespeare
  • poetry
  • cartoons
  • British-isms
  • Harry Potter trivia
  • regular trivia
  • gems
  • most things Hawaiian
  • cooking

As you can see, I am far more a lightweight player than he is. The Crankee Yankee is just the sort of person that, if aliens landed in our back yard, he would be their “go-to” guy for just about anything. If they landed when I was there, they would probably just pat me on the head and say in their alien tongue, “amusing, but no help at all.”

Who knows? Perhaps there is an alien Jeopardy show on in deep space somewhere, with home viewers yelling things like “Spraaaaadtk!” “Gnowret bizzzzzzzzzzz!” and worst of all, “J#ii*hr5–II@&!!!”

Thank you, Alex Trebek.

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