“Good Out, Good In”

I’ve said this many times: the tiniest pebble thrown into a pond causes ripples to fan out from where the pebble went in. Watch: when the ripples hit the boundaries of the pond, they will head back to the source stronger and larger than before. This is plain old physics for you, as well as Karmic reasoning.

When we are in a sour mood and everything looks black and dreary to us, we radiate that energy out. Thinking of the pebble; all that sourness and drear comes back to us even stronger. Who needs that? In order to change what comes back to us, we have to change our outlook and our projection of what we want.

Surprisingly, this isn’t hard to do. All it takes is the smallest bit of positive thinking. If we get out of bed with a groan saying, ‘what a crappy day this is going to be,’ it probably will be. Words have their own energy, and negative words actually do make us negative. Conversely, if we start the day saying something like, ‘today is going to be GREAT,’ then we’re setting the stage for a great day. The formula for success is simply this: put good (good thoughts, positive words) out and we get good back; good out, good in. 

We don’t have to be Pollyanna or little orphan Annie singing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow;” all it takes is a simple attitude adjustment. When we want good in our lives it is as easy as putting good thoughts, words and intentions out into the universe. Smiling at people you don’t know makes a difference, too. It doesn’t matter if that person smiles back; this is US putting out great energy that will touch others and energize ourselves.

This is the perfect opportunity to be selfish in a good way. If your best and dearest friend were standing right in front of you crying or saying how bad she feels, wouldn’t you want to comfort her? It may sound simplistic, but we can see ourselves as that crying friend and comfort her.

And here’s something else: even if you put out 1,000 watts of positive energy and goodness out there, you still can have negative things happen. This does not mean we give up, it only means that we are being ‘sharpened’ for another purpose. Say for instance that you are on your way to work and there is a huge traffic snarl. You know that this is going to make you late to that early morning meeting you have scheduled.

You have two choices: 1) sit there and fume and swear about this situation which you can’t fix, or 2) turn on the radio and sing along with the hits and say out loud ‘that’s ok; this is going to clear up and I will be on time.’ Hint: you must BELIEVE this; don’t just say it while rolling your eyes over the seeming absurdity of it.

I know a woman who lives 35 miles away from her job. Due to the nature of that job, she absolutely has to be there on time each day. One morning she left at the usual time, and there was a major accident five miles up the road. Traffic was at a standstill, and she knew she would be late. Wouldn’t you just know it, she also forgot to charge her cell phone the night before, so she couldn’t call into her work.

Here’s what happened: before she got too worried or panicked, she took three deep breaths. Then she said out loud (BTW, the ‘out loud’ part really helps get your intention moving), “Everything is fine. I’m going to get to work in plenty of time.”

She repeated this mantra to herself several times (to put an intention to work, say it out loud at least 15 times). All around her people were honking their horns angrily, and everyone looked angry and upset. Unperturbed, she kept repeating her intention. Suddenly, the accident was cleared up and traffic began moving again. She got to work that day five minutes early.

Say what you will; that this was just a coincidence, etc., but putting something good and positive out will always bring something good and positive back to you. Mind you, it may not be the outcome you wanted, but when you look deeper, you will find that the right outcome happened. I’ve tested this too many times not to believe it.

It’s up to US to decide what kind of day we’re going to have; good/bad, easy/hard, clear/crazy, etc. Being positive does bring about positive results. Remember the pebble in the pond; stronger ripples come back than went out.





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