The Pond in Spring

The pond in spring

Is a mighty fine thing–

The ice has gone,

The cold has moved on

And though the new-bloomed flowers and leaves

Make each and every one of us sneeze,

We are glad for the sunshine on our faces–

Hands, arms, legs, feet and other places.

Birds in the reeds are picking out nests

For all the lady-loves they like best–

They hope for homes full of young ones,

Dozens of bright little daughters and sons.

The turtles, fish and pollywog

All are glad for a warmer bog

In which to feed, swim, thrive and grow–

And sleep under wave ripples as the wind blows.

Blue heron, geese, and water fowl speak one to one,

Their ancient wisdom, tongue from tongue.

The pond reflects the color from daytime’s sky blue

And at night time shares sky’s stars in every hue.

The pond in Spring,

Is a magical thing!








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