Oh, No–MORE Snow!

Oh, no–

More snow!

It’s April, don’t you know,

And here we go

With fresh new snow.

Why won’t you GO?

We’ve had enough

Of all this flaky stuff–

C’mon now, we’ve called your bluff,

And yet you’re back with all your huff and puff

Don’t you know enough’s enough?

I know we haven’t had it all that rough

From Winter’s cold and icy blast

But really–Spring has come at last

Your cold and ice is sheer bombast!

Just look at all the mess you’re cast

Upon the budding flowers way too fast—

I confess I’m filled with flabbergast!

I’d like to put my boots away,

If you don’t mind, s’il vous plait!

Please–you’ve had your day,

And it’s so passe

To keep up all your icy horseplay

So please, please, please–GO AWAY!!!







2 thoughts on “Oh, No–MORE Snow!

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Opened the door to let the little dog out this morning and was shocked to see snow–minimal snow, for sure, but snow nonetheless! Your poetry is the perfect complement to the morning’s dismay!!!!

  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Hi Pam–

    Our two indoor/outdoor cats weren’t crazy about it either. They hung out on the steps, griping and picking up one wet foot after another–their signal for us to ‘open the door, already!!” 🙂

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