News For the Newshawk

Early in the morning when the day is new

I want to have a little chit-chat; you want the news.

I had a great night’s sleep and want to start my day

With a little conversation–what more can I say?

But you need to know what’s going on in this troubled world of ours–

Where is ISIS now, who shot whom and what of the ruling powers?

Politics, weather, sports, the nation’s fears—

What chance do I have to catch your ears?

I try to pick a time to speak, but you’re not hearing me–

First thing in the morning’s when you want to watch TV.

I guess I’ll have to start my day by leaving notes for you

To remind you that I’m still here and still loving you–

And would appreciate your time on mornings such as this,

The news will change, it always does, but I am still desirous–

Of your time and attention for just a little while

Could you not live without a break from all that rank and file?

You’d think by now after all this time

I’d figure out your routine, but I’m

Guessing that you’ll always be a news and weather hawk

So I’ll either slouch away to do something else or perhaps take a walk–

But just remember this: the news will change,

Nuts and weirdos will continue to be strange

There will always be war, world issues and strife

Just please don’t forget to chat now and then with your wife!






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