Cats on the Bed

All our cats are on the bed,

One is sleeping on her head.

Their eyes are closed, their tails are down

And not a one of them wears a frown.

Their breathing’s deep—

They are sound asleep.

Not a twitch of tail do I see,

Not one will wake and look at me.

They dream of mice and milk,

And great big pillows stuffed with silk–

They sleep on soundly and make no purr

Nor show one ripple upon their fur.

They run the entire house, it’s true

So hogging the bed all day seems their due–

But as soon as WE want to get to bed and rest

Well, then–it’s time for all cats to become big pests–

Their rest time’s done

Now it’s time for fun!

They run, they jump, they bounce and howl,

The game is afoot, and they’re off to prowl

For every loud and noisy thing they can find,

That keep us wakeful and ready to lose our minds–

But cats are cats and that’s how they roll

Woe to us who have lost all control!

But then of course, we have to laugh

Because cats are bosses and we’re just staff!







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