A Bright Little Candle in the Darkness

When my mother died last December 16, we set up her viewing the day before the burial and church service. My dad and I were pleased and touched that so many people came to see my mom for the last time, and it kind of became a party. There was a whole lot of laughter and reminiscing as well as a few tears.

To our surprise, my wonderful step-daughter and her husband and the Amazing Ava (now nearly 5 years old) traveled down from Maine to be there with us. Ava, dressed in her sparkly best, wore two headbands and her favorite necklace, and brought her own brand of light and joy. It was as if a fairy princess had skipped into the room.

She looked at Mom’s casket, and asked who that was who was up there “sleeping.” I told her it was my mom, and said “You remember Glo, right?” She nodded, and asked me quite seriously if we could wake her up, and I told her no, that she was sleeping. Since I didn’t know if Ava had ever had the “death talk” with her parents, I was a little nervous about going into more detail.

But Ava being Ava made that easy for me. She took my hand and we walked up to see my beautiful mother in her beautiful outfit, with her hair and makeup perfect, a little smile on her face. Ava took it all in, and asked again if we could wake her up. I told her that Mom was really an angel with lovely blue wings, and Ava was immediately captivated. She asked if we could see the wings, and I told her that someday we would.

That seemed to satisfy her, and she skipped back to her parents and told them all about the wings. Dad just kept smiling at her, and said what an absolutely delightful kid she was. I couldn’t agree more.

It is amazing to me that a small child could be satisfied with what I told her, and that there was no fear or worry. She is a big fan of angels, and was delighted that she had actually met one.

What she doesn’t yet know is that she is one, too–a sparkly angel with beautiful pink wings, come to Earth to be a bright candle for us all.


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