Ode to Skin

Oh, how lovely is the skin we’re in

That keeps all our bits and bobs within–

Else it would all be hanging out,

And everyone would point and shout!

How awful to have our skin-side inside

And all our insides outside!

We’d be a proper mess I guess,

And how in the world would we begin to dress?

We’d have to clothe ourselves in bags

Since everything would droop and sag–

How good it is to have our skin

To keep tidy all the stuff within

And shelter our innards from rain and snow

Not to mention the winds that blow!

And what about those kidney stealers?

And all those shifty liver dealers!

Yes, our skin’s the ultimate packaging

That keeps our innards safe from ransacking–

So for all things for which we’re grateful

Let’s put skin first and foremost, ever faithful.





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