What Acts of Terrorism Have I Done Today?

We are all capable of practicing acts of terrorism on each other. It’s rarely a bomb in the car, a home invasion, an assault on the street or a shooting spree in the neighborhood. But it is little acts of aggression, snarkiness, mean-spiritedness, and downright hatefulness that can terrorize another person.

For example, say someone cuts me off in traffic to take a side street. I become so incensed that I drop my own agenda, take the same turn and stay right on their back bumper. Why? Well, to show them that they can’t push me around! Seriously, how ridiculous is that? And, once I catch up to them, what am I going to say or do?

That’s a recipe for disaster. And how exactly does that show anyone anything other than me being a total jerk? Or how about this: what if the person I’m chasing turns out to be a gun-toting psychopath? That’s way more than annoying–that’s suicidal.

The point is that we don’t know what is going on inside another person’s head or heart. I tend to think that a great deal of the thoughtless or downright stupid things that others do have more to do with being distracted, worried, upset, etc. It is probably nothing personal; we are all distracted from time to time, or have things that weigh on our minds.

Don’t misunderstand: I get mad at senseless or selfish acts just as much as anyone else. But I decided a long time ago that I would rather be safe than sorry, get mad and keep it to myself, or just let it go and continue on my way. What I have added to this way of thinking is to also send a mental blessing to that person who did this, that or the other thing. My hope is that it calms both me and the other person, and wish them well–as I would hope someone would do for me.

It’s a daily struggle, folks–to be a small-time terrorist or just do the best we can with what we’ve got. And don’t forget that blessing at the end; it makes our own day better as well as the “blessee!”


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