Snow, Snow, Snow….

It was just too good to be true—all those days and weeks and months with little or no snow. But it finally caught up to us—we now have at least 5-6″ of heavy snow on the ground. Sure, it’s a pain to shovel or snow-blow, but it’s pretty–sparkling snow has covered tree branches and power lines, and even our little lilac bush outside our bedroom window is laced with glittering white.

It’s funny how our attitude about weather, especially snow; changes as we go along from decade to decade. My dad at 91 is happy to stay in the house reading the paper; Bailey the cat purring on his lap. I am happy also to stay inside; writing, reading, doing some light yoga and cleaning, then preparing one of those “comfort food” recipes I mentioned on a recent post; baked chicken and sweet potatoes.

I imagine some people, younger and stronger than me, will take time off to go skiing or snowboarding or ice fishing or snowshoeing. Then the school-age kids I’m sure are hoping for a snow day. They can spend the day building snow forts, snowmen, or fling themselves on snow disks  and sleds to tear down hills of fresh snow. When they’ve worn themselves out, they will trudge back inside, trailing wet outer clothes and muddy boots behind them.

People’s dogs will enjoy running around in the new snow, snapping at snowflakes and trotting happily along beside their owners. Cats, on the other hand, will have taken the more comfortable route; snoozing in cozy places inside the house. In our case, our four cats variously roost on our bed, the chairs and on window sills over the radiators.

I found myself thinking back on the days when I would have been right out in the middle of this snow, probably cross-country skiing. I did a lot of it years ago, and before that, downhill skiing, skating and sledding. I still remember the burn of the energy I had then; I always seemed to sizzle with it.

But these snowy days I am happy with accomplishing a few indoor tasks, including making that chicken and sweet potato dish. (This time I added onions and mushrooms to it for some variety.) I have to laugh about my love of cooking now. When I was living at home, my mother would have been so happy if I had been interested in cooking and baking. I just wasn’t–at that time in my life I had other things I wanted to do. But at least she got the satisfaction of knowing that I finally did come around to enjoying it. All things seem to come in their appointed time, don’t they?

So evidently this was the appointed time for all this snow. I have to admit, it’s just beautiful outside. Toward the end of the day just before dusk, the tops of the trees became brushed with a golden luster of alpenglow as the sun came through the clouds. I was busy, but I took the time to poke my head out the door and appreciate all that beauty–the frosted tree branches against that gold-lit sky was incredible.

Just another reminder that beauty and joy are everywhere, and our lives are so much better when we take the time to appreciate it all.



2 thoughts on “Snow, Snow, Snow….

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    I don’t know exactly why, but the image of your dad and a cat named Bailey just seems completely heartwarming. Enjoy your snowed-in time!

  2. Jane Fraser says:

    Thanks, Pam! They are a pair, the two of them.

    Did you get any snow where you are?

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