Ohhhh, Technology!

Look, I will admit that I am a pretty low-tech person. I have a desktop computer, a flip-phone, and no personal devices. I have the computer to email, write this blog, have an Etsy site, look up interesting stuff, and sometimes catch up on a show I missed. That’s really about it.

Then there are all the frequently changing tech terms. I worked at a business in 2013 and was ask to “ping” someone. I had never heard the term before, and was thinking “Huh? What means this ‘ping’ of which you speak?” So I had to ask someone how to do it. Basically, it means to interrupt someone via computer in whatever they are doing so they will answer you. I do get the having to have info right-now-today, but what I mainly saw it used for was saving someone the apparently tiresome trouble of calling/emailing/paging someone, or walking down to their desk or knocking on the restroom door.

I have never gotten used to people talking (always loudly too, it seems) on their cell phones in public or worse, via Blue Tooth (these folks look like they are just babbling to themselves until you see the device clamped to one ear….). And don’t I hate to hear ring tones and cell phone chatter when I am out having lunch alone with a good book! But a new phenomenon has risen its noisy and intrusive self: people using  their devices to play loud games, loud videos, loud music, and kids’ loud cartoons (yep, complete with all the requisite booms, bings, bongs, bleeps, bloops and boings) in public places so that we ALL can enjoy them. We can “enjoy” all this in restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, out in the park, traveling via bus, plane, etc. Seriously–do we all have to be entertained every second of every day? And do we have to inflict it on every person around us?

What’s happened to reflection, thinking, introspection, listening to the sounds of nature, and talking with friends (I mean actual flesh-and-blood humans, not Facebook “friends”)? It used to be that you went out with your significant other to be alone with each other, appreciate each other, speak with each other, and enjoy each others company. But these days it seems more and more that true love is for the best devices, not people.

Back when I was growing up, Sunday drives were common practice and it was pretty much what you did for entertainment on that last weekend day. While I sat in the back seat, listening to Mom and Dad talking about all sorts of things, I would be looking at everything, imagining things, sometimes singing a little to myself and best of all, just thinking my thinks. If we were on a long-ish trip, we might play the license plate game or sing together, but mostly we just were enjoying being together. That’s a far cry from today’s constant and never-ending entertainment.

Believe me, I am not anti-technology–not at all. I just believe that it has its own place–I just don’t like it that it’s in EVERY place!


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