“The 10 ‘Essential’ Clothing Items”

I read this on what I call the “fashionista” page online and had to check out what they deemed the “The Top 10 Clothing Items.’ These are supposed to make you look good for any situation in your life. Ten items of clothing didn’t sound like much to me, but I’m assuming the writer meant the “essentials.” Here is what the fashionistas list as their idea of the “essentials:”

  • the perfect crew neck sweater (black or gray)
  • the little black dress
  • the tunic top (black or gray)
  • the perfect black jacket
  • the perfect black pencil skirt
  • the tailored white collared blouse
  • the perfect black slacks
  • the perfect (and expensive) black high heels
  • the well-fitting jeans (blue and white)
  • the perfect cardigan sweater (black or gray)

The article posed that these are the clothes that will get you through a job interview, an important meeting, airline travel, negotiating prices on a new car, picking up the kids at private school, and so on. There was a time in my life when I would have followed the above list, chapter and verse, to the letter.

But that was then, and this is now, and my priorities have changed. I am no longer hobnobbing with VIPs and others who may give me a lift up the corporate ladder, nor am I attending any PTA meetings. These days it is all about feeling good, looking good in my own idea of fashion, and not trying to impress anyone.

So here is the list of my ten wardrobe essentials:

  • the cozy bathrobe
  • the comfy slippers
  • the black yoga pants
  • the many pairs of knee socks and leggings
  • the perfect orthotics that fit my boots and sneakers
  • the snuggly hoodie
  • the really good (and forgiving) bra
  • the pile of silver jewelry
  • the stack of multi-colored tank tops with float-y jackets to match
  • The perfectly comfortable sneakers

There you go; comfortable, practical, good-looking, and stressless. Plus you don’t have to cash in one of your kids’ trust funds to buy them all.


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