“Your Life is an Occasion, So Rise to It”

This is a wonderful quote from “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” movie, circa 2007. I had never seen it, but was intrigued by the title. By chance, it was on TV last night and I watched most of it.

Long and magical story short, the time comes for Mr. Magorium to die and let another take his place running his magical toy shop. He tells his friend and assistant, Molly Mahoney, that she has all the magic she needs to run the Emporium herself. She doesn’t believe him, and although Magorium knows she can, he understands that she needs to figure this out for herself. He tells her, “Your life is an occasion, so rise to it.”

That quote just captured me. Here I am, getting ready to bury my mother tomorrow, worried that I won’t do everything that she asked for, and so on—and I hear this wonderful quote. My life, your life, all of our lives are occasions! So we must rise to them.

Even when we are in grief or pain or loss, we must go forward. We need to remember that our lives are occasions, as well as gifts, challenges and hurdles over which we must cross.

Just when I felt my heart shrinking away in sorrow, here is one more heaven-sent moment to make me realize how wonderful, how amazing, how incredible and how good my life is. I had 64 wonderful years with my mom, and I still have my dad. I have the love of my life as my husband, I have two wonderful step-daughters, an absolutely amazing granddaughter and another on the way, I have four cats whom I adore, I have dear friends, my body is healthy and strong, I have the privilege of being an American in America, and so much more.  I have this beautiful world and all it holds each day. I have laughter and tears, I have hope and dreams, I have love and joy, I have a beautiful life.

It is up to me, to all of us, to make our lives the occasions that they are meant to be. Let us all rise to the occasion!


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