Lists, Lovely Lists!

Oh, where would I be without lists? I love all forms of writing, and list-making is one of my favorites. I know I’ve written about lists before, but frankly, they are an important part of my life. Lists make a foundation to the day; I know what I want to accomplish, and even doing 3-5 things on it make me feel I’ve justified my existence–for that day, anyway.

For example, here’s my list for today:

  • empty the dishwasher
  • do laundry, and, in a separate load, wash the *winter comforter
  • clean the bathroom
  • remind the Crankee Yankee that he promised to vacuum yesterday
  • dust and polish the furniture (once the Crankee Yankee has vacuumed, that is)
  • finish hemming the **quilt I made for Ava, my granddaughter
  • try to fix the zipper on one of my jackets

It may sound funny, but ever since I stopped working, I find I need this daily structure. Lists are how I conquer the dragons in my world; I can go to bed at night and feel I’ve made a good dent in the day.

Simple, I know, but it works for me.

*This thing has been living in a loosely-tied trash bag in our attic and Heaven only knows what it may be harboring! If so, I wish them an quick death in the clothes washer.

**This was supposed to be a Christmas gift LAST Christmas!



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