Love Notes From the Universe

You know, if we keep our minds open, we can often glimpse a “grand plan” behind what seem to be ordinary occurrences. These days as we help my dad care for my dying mom, I see patterns in everyday existence. I began noticing them after connecting with some wonderful people who are a lot like me in ideas and beliefs.

A few years ago I began taking metaphysical classes from the amazing *Noreen McDonald. After the first one, I drove home with my head spinning and thinking, ‘how crazy is this? What IS all this metaphysical stuff all about?!’

The first lesson had been about positive thinking, starting with being positive about ourselves. We were each given a sticky note at the beginning of class—I snorted when I saw mine: “I love Jane!” We were told to put the note on our bathroom mirror and look at it each day. The reason for this exercise was to promote loving ourselves. Being the self-critical ass that I was, I pooh-poohed the whole idea as simplistic. How could a mere sticky note prove I was loved for just being ME?

So there I was, driving myself home after that first class, inwardly flogging myself with wasting my time and money on this class, when I noticed the license plate on the truck I’d been following for miles. The license plate read “URLOVED.”  Coincidence, I thought. There are no “love notes” from this impartial universe we live in, I chided myself.

Now, a few years later, with many more classes, a Reiki master practitioner license, as well as a whole pile of new life experiences under my belt, I no longer believe in coincidences. Here are some of my own personal love notes from the universe:

  • A job that I was planning to retire from in a few years suddenly went in a new direction and my job was gone. This happened EXACTLY when Mom’s cancer no longer responded to her meds and she went into Hospice. I could not possibly have kept that job and helped out with Mom’s care.
  • I have been involved in a few major traffic jams that made me late to where I was going. I found out in each case that a horrific accident had caused the jam; if not for the traffic jam, I could have been involved in those accidents.
  • Each and every time I need a parking spot–even in the most crowded places, I ask for one and I get one–always.
  • Each time I have been running late to get to an appointment, I keep on saying that I will get there in plenty of time–and I do. Always.

…and there are many, many more love notes and messages that happen on a regular basis. Also, I have learned to never say “I’m broke,” because then I will be. Money always seems to come at the right time, and often even in the exact amount when I need it. I keep picturing the universe as carrying a tremendous laundry basket full of good things, some of which just spill out on me from time to time. I find myself asking when something unpredictable happens, what is the message here; what is it I am supposed to learn?

I find that, as long as I am willing to ask for something good for myself, it will come to me. I still sometimes fight the urge to think, ‘oh, I’m not worthy of anything good, I don’t deserve it,’ and so on. Why in the world would I NOT be worthy? Why not accept the gifts I keep being offered? In fact, why don’t we all just assume that we are good enough to deserve good things?

Trust me, if you keep your eyes open, you will start to see opportunities where you may think none exist. Look for those love notes from the universe, and you will find them. They have probably been falling all around you for years.

*Check Noreen out at


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