Word Salad!

Word salad, word salad!

My constant ballad

Of right words said wrong

And wrong words in song!

I know the words I want to say,

Still the wrong ones come out anyway!

I think to say “spectacular,”

But what comes out is “vernacular.”

Of course I didn’t mean to say it,

But my word salad makes me pray it

Won’t happen again–

But sadly it does, and then

Out of my brain and out of my mouth,

Seems that the words I want just plain go south!

The sad, sad truth is

My aged brain’s gone toothless,

And I have to wonder

When I’ll get my tongue out from under

All those odd words cluttering up my cerebrum—

Makes me feel I could be dumb

As a drunken monkey on a bender–

Oh, word salad, please return to sender!








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