To Our Friends in Paris

Dear friends—how sorry and sad I am for you today. That this horror should happen in the beautiful City of Lights (or anywhere) is terrible beyond words. My heart hurts for you. To lose so many innocent lives at any time is awful, but the way they were lost is tragic. I wish my arms were long enough to embrace you all.

There is no reason a rational mind could think of to understand this act of terrorism.

There are no words of reason or comfort I could offer except that you are all in my prayers, and those souls lost will not be forgotten. When we lose one person, we lose part of our hearts and spirits. The loss of so many decimates us all.

To our dear friends in Paris, please know that we weep for you, we pray for you, we hurt for you. May your angels lift you up on this sad day, and may you know that you are not alone.



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