Why Reading a Real Book Matters

Reading is a solitary pleasure,

And a joy beyond all measure.

A book’s a friend to whom I say

(At least once or twice each day)

“Once I page through all your pages

Your wit and wisdom beats all sages.

I am happy when I am reading,

With all the wonderful words I am seeding

My head with


And forsooth, a book is not just paper

But laughter, tears, truth, and mind-shaper.

The reality of paper and ink–

It makes us think.

When we hold a book, it starts to kindle

Much more interest and than a battery-driven Kindle–

The weight of a book in hand

Can set our feet deep upon the sand

Of many oceans across the world,

To new countries with flags unfurled

Over millions of people we wouldn’t meet

Unless we put our noses inside a book tout suite!

So put down your device and pick up a book–

You won’t be sorry, but you might get hooked

On how a real book is an adventure of soul and mind,

A comfort and a pleasure to the heart, you’ll find–

A friend, companion, adventure and portal

To all things wonderful, amazing and immortal.





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