Comment on My Comment—?

I recently sent a complaint to the local and corporate offices of a popular fast-food restaurant. It read something like this:

“Not only is the service slow, but it seems that this <franchise name> is run by twelve year-old kids. The restaurant area is dirty, with napkins and old french fries on the floor, and what can be seen of the kitchen looks twice as dirty. As you approach the drive-up window, you can’t help but notice a window high up on the side of the building that features an ancient fly-strip loaded with dead flies. If we can SEE this from the drive-through, then how bad must the rest of the place be?

There have been several times that we have waited in the drive-through so long that we just turned off the lights and the engine, along with several other “waiters.” Evidently one delay was caused by a shake machine malfunction, and that seemed to slow down the entire restaurant.

Whenever there is a long wait, I have yet to hear an apology–just some scared-looking kid at the window shoving a greasy bag at you. Each and every time we have to ask for napkins as well. I don’t know if these kids have been told that humans actually prefer having a napkin or two; many of us don’t stick our heads in the bag and wolf down our food.

My advice would be to get someone older than 12 to supervise and run this particular <franchise name>. It used to be convenient to pick a cheap meal there, but based on what I’ve seen lately, I’ll wait and eat when I get home.”

I feel I was pretty dang clear about the problem, and having said (well, written) what I did, I considered the matter closed.

But no. After posting this review, I received two phone messages from, you guessed it–the franchise. They wanted to talk with me about my comment. Now, is it just me, or does it make any sense for me to regurgitate my comment to someone on the phone? The ball is in their court, and if they care about their restaurant, they will take the necessary steps to make improvements.

As I see it, my job is done. I don’t want any coupons, free meals, apologies–I want them to clean the place up before someone gets food poisoning and dies face-down on a dirty floor with ancient french fries in their hair.

So all-in-all, no need to comment on my comment, know what I mean?



2 thoughts on “Comment on My Comment—?

  1. pamkirst2014 says:

    Although a nice written apology, and a promise to improve–with free meal coupons–would be a smart move on their part! We’ve noticed the same thing, to the extent where I really think about eating out. This seems true of many food chains, fast AND slow food. Wonder what it indicates! Great post!


  2. lulujbf7 says:

    Thanks, Pam–

    Sheesh, that’s all they can think to do these; argue with you over your comment, offer coupons and lame explanations as to why things are so screwed up. I’d respect them more if they just fixed the problem and shut up already…and boy, am I showing my age!!!

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