The Angels Are With You

The angels are with you wherever you go–

Whether by your side or when the winds blow.

They fly in to attend us,

To help us, to mend us–

They are there with you for your very first cry,

They are there with you as you pass on with your last sigh.

As we are born, they help bring us through

The mists of time and space where our souls once grew–

They are given to us as a gift born from love

They stay with us always, below and above.

They love us, keep us safe and protect us,

Guide, help, influence and direct us

Through life’s hardest passes and places,

And silently wipe the tears from our faces.

When things are too hard, and life seeks to confound–

Their wings wrap ’round us in comfort with no bounds.

They remind us that life is a gift whose ribbons reach far,

From our birthplace, our home and our brightest star.

You are never alone, so never fear–

Because all of your angels are always near.





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