The Chocolate Chip Cookie Angel

As if in answer to my recent post about trying to find chocolate chip cookies for my mom, my wonderful hair dresser, Tina, came through like the angel she is.

Long story short, my mom is dying of metastatic breast cancer, and is in bed 90% of the time now. My 91 year old dad and I take care of her, and she has amazing Hospice nurses who come in twice a week to help. Friends and neighbors come by each week to bring delicious meals to my mom and dad, and I can’t count all the lovely flowers that have come into the house. It seems that we are surrounded by loving, caring angels, with or without wings.

Tina was moved by the story of me trying to find fresh chocolate chip cookies to bring to my mom one day. Since her cancer has sped up, she seems to want sweets more and more. I was too beat and too rattled to just make my own, and I finally did find some good ones in town.

But behold and lo, when I went to my hair appointment last Friday, Tina handed me a gift bag full of homemade chocolate chip cookies for my mom!!!

Mind you, Tina is the only hairdresser who can handle my thick and stubborn hair, and each month she makes me look beautiful. I am grateful to have such an artist work miracles with this hair that definitely has a mind of its own. But to go the extra mile and make a batch of cookies for a woman she has never met outside my blog–well, that goes above and beyond all expectation!

I told Mom the story, and she was flabbergasted. She wanted Tina to know that the cookies were absolutely delicious, and how thoughtful it was of her to go out of her way like that. It was an act of kindness I won’t forget, nor will my mom.

Thank you to all the angels; my hairdresser/cookie angel, the angels who bring hot meals to my parents, the angels who call or leave flowers on the doorstep or those angels who offer to sit with Mom and talk and laugh with her.

There are indeed angels all around us!



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