The True Story of the Frog and the Snake

As my mom and I are spending more and more time together, she often tells me stories of some of our relatives that she had known growing up. The following story is true.

A mom and son were sitting on the steps of their home after supper, enjoying the summer evening. As they talked, the mother noticed a snake nearby. She stood up and exclaimed to her son, “There’s a snake over there eating a frog! Go save that frog!”

The son got up and managed to pull the frog out of the snake’s mouth. It hopped off unharmed. The snake slithered away into the bushes.

The following evening, the mother and son sat in their customary places on the steps. As they talked, a frog hopped up to the son, then sat under his chair. He stayed there for about 15 minutes, then hopped away. The mother wondered out loud if that was the same frog her son saved from the snake.

The next night, they were sitting on the steps, and again the frog hopped up and sat under the son’s chair for about 15 minutes. And the next night, the same thing happened. After that, it never happened again.

The mother and son decided that that was the frog’s way of thanking the son for saving his life.


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